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That's likely to come into play as soon as Leopard OS X First, although it may appear right for Apple to sing the praises of the Mac's current immunity to malware, the fear is that viruses will eventually become an issue for Mac users, particularly if the company continues to trumpet its system's impregnability.

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The statement is likely to be seen as an open invitation for malware writers to target the platform. Either Apple doesn't believe this will happen or it may well feel confident enough about OS X's robust security that the threat can be repelled. Secondly, the accusations of incompatibility and constant restarts are a little unfair to PCs, particularly for these who have been running Windows or XP. The constant restarting and Blue Screen of Death issues that plagued earlier versions of Windows haven't entirely vanished but they are by far the exception rather than the rule in modern systems.

Likewise, despite the undeniable simplicity of connecting cameras and peripherals to the Mac and the seamless integration with the iLife suite, there are a host of similar apps for Windows that do a pretty good job of recognising third-party devices. It's not as if this is a constant headache for the majority of PC owners. Finally, the biggest problem with the ads lies with the very thing that makes them so effective: the simple characterisation of the two platforms.

This dichotomy panders to the old stereotypes about Macs and PCs: that the former is cool, unflappable and savvy, while the latter is unfashionable, bloated and unstable. Furthermore, by characterising PC users as middle-aged, suited buffoons and Mac users as laid-back designer-types, the company runs the risk of alienating and insulting the very audience it's trying to convert to its premium product range. The child-like music playing in the background adds to the impression that the target audience is being condescended to.

To an existing Apple user the ads are somewhat disappointing. Even if they are well made and funny, they seem to tread on old ground and repeat tired prejudices. In the 'Better' advert, the Mac says of the PC: "You should see what this guy can do with a spreadsheet - it's insane. Mac adds: "He [the PC] knows I'm better at life stuff - like music, pictures, movies and stuff The characterisation is clear and it's no coincidence that the two 'computers' seem to have been modelled on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates - though a Gates who has clearly been driven to a diet of pork pies and cheeseburgers by all the viruses, restarting and networking incompatibilities he has to endure.

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The Get a Mac ads are an improvement on the Switch ads yet they don't overcome the main criticism - that Macs are too cool for 'the rest of us'. Apple must now hope they don't generate animosity in the virus writing community - or, more importantly, among the campaign's target audience: the uninitiated. Apple Talk: No one's perfect, not even Steve Jobs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus: So far I'm undecided and here's why.

A few thoughts after using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus for 24 hours. This new smartphone OS lives in the cloud. The makers of the Puffin browser have applied their cloud expertise to a new operating system that it claims will outperform Android on low-end hardware, but its fee structure could The Galaxy Book S stole the show. Can it steal market share? Taking Snapdragon laptops to new heights, Samsung's surprise announcement fits well with the Note 10's message of mobile productivity. But the laptop also takes its place among This giveaway ends Aug.

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    I get a lot of weird and sometimes wonderful gadgets across my desk, and some end up impressing me by actually being extremely useful. Latest iOS 13 beta reveals September 10 as potential iPhone 11 launch date. PC users, on the other hand, are well aware of this inconvenience, particularly at the time of these spots. PC tries to deliver a statement in the beginning of this commercial, but gets stuck and has to restart. The awkward repeating of his first statement reminds the audience of the senseless need to restart their own computers.

    There are those whose pride is dependent upon the need to install complex operating systems, software packages, and peripherals. For everyone else the need for simplicity trumps hours of technical maintenance. PC proudly explains that he can easily network with Macs. The commercial begins with PC jamming out on iTunes. PC appears on the verge of a win in this spot with his hip new device, until Mac points out the other iLife programs that come bundled free with new Macs—iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb and more.

    Without him, the audience would see these commercials as simply an extension of the battle between embittered Mac and PC users.

    Facebook Ad Campaign Target Audience Understanding [BONUS VIDEO]

    Apple gets PC users to fall for their product by placing PC next to Mac and allowing him to self-destruct—revealing every problem and pain that PC users can relate to in their own worlds. Meanwhile, Mac is free to be fun-loving and sympathetic to every struggle PC goes through. Through him they feel understood by Apple. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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    Find the Songbird—Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ Campaign

    Mac Makes Life Better Each spot in the campaign reveals something on the surface about a benefit or solution that Mac offers to PC users. Reliability Reliability is compromised in the mind of PC users frustrated with computer viruses, spyware and crashes.

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