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We are a website dedicated to providing shorcuts and hotkeys to the latest ✩ Adobe Standard Flash CC CS6 Shortcuts - PC & Mac Get Latest Flash Player.

Added feature to enable or disable the default subtitle.

Integration of Zappiti Media Center V4. Added more subtitle languages: Cyrilic Russian, Ukrainian, Improved subtitle display antialiasing. Modified mouse cursor bigger than before. Fixed the audio setting display. By default, the first subtitle is used when available. Memorization of the last subtitle used with a video content.

For example, if you set English subtitle for a file, this subtitle will be set by default for this video. For front projector, please set 24p option in ON mode only. Initial firmware. Firmware update process: Check the firmware version of your Zappiti Player 1. Start your Zappiti Player. On the info page, you'll find the firmware version. Updating process 1. Download the firmware file here below.

The firmwares are compressed in ZIP file ". Uncompress the ZIP file. You'll get a ". Connect the flash memory to your computer. Wait until the flash memory mount on your computer. Copy and past the ". Unplug the flash memory from the comuter. Wait until the end of the stating up process. Select the firmware update file. Several messages will appear on the screen. Please wait until the end of the upgrade process.

A message "Restart" will appear. Please wait 40 sec. The main menu will appear again. The firmware upgrade process is done. Unplug the flash memory and enjoy! In case of firmware upgrade crash e. Perform the following steps: 1. Put a firmware DFF file at the top level of a USB flash drive preferably use exactly the same firmware version as was attempted to install during the failed upgrade.

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Switch the player off using the power button on the player. Switch the player on. The player should detect the USB flash drive and automatically start firmware recovery procedure. On an error, a message "ERR The recovered firmware should load in the usual way. If this procedure does not solve your issues, please follow this process: 1.

Download the firmware version b5, then install it by following the recovery firmware procedure. Reset the Zappiti Player to factory default settings in the Settings panel. Restart the player. Install normally the latest firmware. For further details see file "license. The source code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request to info dune-hd.

Zappiti grants the non-exclusive right to personally use this firmware package which is delivered in object code format only. Licensee shall only be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved for personal backup purposes backup copy. Zappiti reserves all intellectual property rights except as expressly granted herein. Without the prior written approval of Dune and except to the extent as may be expressly authorised under mandatory law, this firmware package in particular.

If you are dealer and you want to sale Zappiti Players , please contact us: contact zappiti. Some features, applications, services, availability and pricing are subject to change. Click the "My App" button. Click the "Factory Reset" icon. Please wait during the reset process. This special offer will be valid until Dec 31, Additionally, the Blu-ray Player can display BD movies easily on your computer.

This professional package is suitable for most portable devices. Also it can convert 3D movies to other 3D modes with outstanding effect. And this software can even convert 3D videos to 2D files. This software can assist users to conveniently enjoy 3D movies. Par ailleurs,you can enjoy your Blu-ray disc on Mac.

The simple and powerful renaming When you need to rename a large number of files it can be very long.


By right-clicking on the selected files, you can rename as easily as quickly a very large number of files. Create subtitles simply and efficiently The "Subtitling" function offers you the possibility to create your subtitles easily from any video. Use shortcuts to maximize your closed caption speed. Burn your subtitles to your format You can add. With a simple and clear overview you can define font, color and size. A render queue to stop waiting There will come a time when we want to release different formats with different files.

You can contact me if you are missing a video or audio codec, i will provide the file to drag in this window. Send your files to ftp server By right-clicking on a file in the Shutter Encoder list, you can send your files to a remote ftp server. If you enter the ftp parameters before a conversion, once your file converts it will be sent to the server. You can choose to receive a confirmation e-mail if you wish.

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Check your file information By right-clicking on one or more files, you will have access to all informations about your files and you can easily compare them. Essential parameters Because post-production is a very demanding domain, I propose different parameters to answer the best to the requirements of your workflow. Automatic Updates The Shutter Encoder software checks each time if a new version is available.

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You will be able to install it once the download is complete and take advantage of new features and settings. All In One Video Converters.

Shutter Encoder video tutorials. Shutter Encoder takes a step closer to perfection since integrating mpeg1 exports. The speed of the software is only matched by its reliability and ease of use. What you could not do with other encoding software, you can still do better, easily and quickly with Shutter Encoder, in addition to perfectly master all types of classics encoding.

You can even change the language of the software now!!!! And much more It only misses the possibility encapsulation in Quicktime Reference as well as a preview of fast timeline preview to touch the "stars of the encoding".

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Ce que vous ne pouviez pas faire avec d'autres logiciels d'encodage, vous pourrais le faire encore mieux, plus rapidement et surtout gratuitement avec Shutter Encoder, en plus de maitriser parfaitement tous le types d'encodage classiques. Et bien plus encore Review by Benjarent Flomin on Jul 3, Version: Quick and easy integration into Avid's "MediaFiles" workflow is a major and indispensable asset. Review by alex bouaz on Jun 3, Version: No comments. Rating it only. Review by smrpix on Apr 25, Version: This is a great encoder that is very intuitive and easy to use.

It has some amazing features such as the ability to choose from 61 LUT's to add to your footage as well as add your own, image stabilization, change the luminance output to , in and out cutting without re-encoding, frame rate altering, slow motion frame interpolation and many more. Very handy for creating proxy files for editing.