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However, there is a third group: malware. Browser extensions are a common way for hackers to distribute adware and other nasty pieces of code. They hide the code inside a seemingly legitimate browser extension and then entice you to download it. There are others, such as old or out of date extensions slowing your Mac down or making Chrome unstable.

How to Uninstall Chrome on Mac

Repeat steps for every extension you want to remove. You can track the extensions down in the Finder and drag them to the Trash. However, this is complicated because the location of the extensions varies. Before you delete anything you need to know which folder to delete.

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So, go back to Chrome and go to the Extensions page again. You will see that all the extensions now have character IDs. Note the ID of the extension you want to remove. Go back to the Finder and locate the extension that corresponds with that ID and drag it to the Trash. This method is much quicker if you need to remove multiple extensions.

Tip: As we said above, browser extensions are a favourite way for hackers to hide malware so that you inadvertently download it onto your Mac. CleanMyMac X also has a malware module that can scan your Mac and alert you if it thinks it has a virus, adware, or any other malicious code lurking on its hard drive or SSD.

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  6. If CleanMyMac finds nothing, it will tell you your Mac is clean. If it finds malware, it will list it. You can press Clean to get rid of it, or switch to a detailed results page to find out more.

    How to Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac

    Tip: CleanMyMac X can also remove other browser elements such as cookies, your browser history, and autofill data, to improve your privacy. Click on the Privacy tab and then press Scan. When the results appear, click on a browser, say Chrome, and then check the box next to the item you want to remove and select Remove. This is because of its fast speed when connecting to the Internet, secure browsing and its ability to allow you to add extensions whenever you want.

    How to remove Chrome extensions

    For this reason, you may choose to use Safari and uninstall your Google Chrome on Mac. In this article, I am going to show you how to remove Google Chrome on Mac manually, how to uninstall Chrome completely using Mac Cleaner app and have a look at the powerful features about Mac Cleaner. Before you uninstall your chrome, you need to make sure that you have saved all your bookmarks and personal files in the Google Chrome. How do you backup the bookmarks from Chrome on your Mac? You can follow these steps to export bookmarks from Chrome on Mac:.

    After saving your Chrome bookmarks to Mac, you can start to delete Chrome.

    How to Uninstall Google Chrome for Mac?

    Firstly, go to your Applications folder. Secondly, find the Google Chrome icon and drag it to the Trash. After trashing it, go ahead and empty the Trash.

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    By doing these, you have uninstalled Chrome app and most associated files. Unfortunately, sometimes you can move Chrome into Trash, but when you try to empty Trash, it will tell you that you cannot complete that action. Why will it happen? Here is the step-by-step guide. Clearing the cache files does not necessarily mean that you have deleted Chrome and all files related to it.

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