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But I can't recommend any Mac Mini for it they haven't been updated since or so. Get a MacBook Pro or an iMac; it'll cost you more for sure, but last a lot longer before you can no longer use it for development.

Is this MAC Mini good for gaming? - Apple Community

JoeStrout , May 9, Joined: Nov 24, Posts: 2, The Mac mini was updated in or so, and that's actually the best model I have one and it's nice. But it's better to get a low-end Joined: Jul 19, Posts: 32, For the kind of games you say you're doing, a or later mini is fine would be better for longevity though.

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Make sure it's running High Sierra Eric5h5 , May 10, Thanks for the help, everyone! And sorry for the slow response, it's been a busy couple of weeks for me. CrowbarSka , May 18, Yes, if it supports High Sierra. And even if it doesn't, sometimes; there are hacks for getting old hardware to work with it, if you were really dead set on doing that. Most used Macs would already be upgraded to the latest though.

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Note that High Sierra is only necessary for iOS development Eric5h5 , May 18, Joined: Nov 24, Posts: 1. Hopfer1 , Jan 29, The newest Mac mini from is finally a significant improvement over the model, however they jacked the price quite a bit. Next you must connect the game pad to your Mac with a USB cable to enable a one time handshake.

Can a 2012 Mac Mini Play Games? (Part 2)

After pressing the PS button located on the game pad until the red lights flash, you should see the game pad in the list of devices that are paired with your Mac. At this point you can remove the USB cable. The trick to pair the keyboard with the Mac is to press and hold the blue button on the top left side of the keyboard before turning it on.

With it you can configure your game pad to simulate keyboard clicks and even mouse movements. It will bring game pad control to Mac games that do not already have built-in support for game pads. With Game Center you can challenge your other Game Center friends, keep track of your achievements, and climb your way up the online leaderboards. The advantage GOG has over some of the other online game stores is that they offer many of the retro game titles from the s and 80s.

So it is not very likely that many of these games will be sold on the Mac App Store any time soon.

How to turn the 2018 Mac mini into a Windows gaming machine

Think of it as a sort of Front Row for games. You can even surf the web with its game pad optimized browser. It really does complete the picture and make the whole console experience on a Mac much easier to manage.

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While both offer downloadable titles specifically for the Mac platform, the overall experience is not quite up to par with the other three. Offering many of the same titles, the main reason to check out either of these two sites would be to get a good deal on a particular title you are interested in.

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Just keep in mind that the Origin store does have a limited library of games. A bit of self promotion here, but Mac users should also checkout GameAgent. Hope this all helps!

Apple needs to do better than that in order to compete with a PS4 or Xbox One. My Mac Mini has a quad-core Intel i7 2.

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